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23'' PCAP Touch


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Product Overview

WEN TAI DA's capacitive touch screens are based on proven projection capacitive touch technology, the preferred solution for applications that demand reliability,input flexibility,waterproof and anti-interference. They work with standard EETI/ILITEK controller/chip solutions and drivers under a wide variety of operating systems,and are available in a set of standard products as well as customized designs.It's designed to be integrated into almost any bezeled application foreliability and quality.


Quality And Service

Projected capacitive supports 10-point touch capability by leveraging EETI/ILITEK IC controller and Z direction detection.Commercial advantages–superior response time,robust,high optical clarity,and slim or bezel-less design.We use stable IC and bonding equipment to maintain high yield and quality.Touch function requires professional calibration to avoid the interference of the motherboard, driver board and other electrical appliances to achieve the best experience.We have professional knowledge,technology and clean room to bring customers high reliability products!


Product Features

♦ Pure plane structure,excellent craftsmanship,slim and smooth design.

♦ Accurate touch,high sensitivity,smooth writing,no disconnection,no drift.

♦ Glass cover each IP level, mpact resistance,prevent damage and scratch.

♦ High optical penetration,any point can withstand unlimited touches.

♦ Perform 100% IQC,OQC testing to ensure product quality.

♦ Own class 1,000 clean room,high quality,fast delivery.


Producto personalizable

① Touch screen size

② FPC outlet location

③ ITO glass thickness

④Customer Logo

⑤ Glass of surface treatment AG, AF,AR

Application Scenario


Product Name: Capacitive Touch Screen Type: WTD-CTP-Y
Regular Sizes: 7",10.1",10.4",12.1",13.3",15",15.6",17",18.5",19",21.5",22",23",23.6",23.8",27",32",43",49",55", 65" Touch Points: 10&20 Points
Frame Color: Black Resolution: 4096 X4096
Response Time: ≤10ms Touch Method: Finger,Touch Pen
Interface: USB,RS232 Voltage: DC+5V±5%
Temperature: Operating:-20°C~60°C, Storage:-30°C~70°C Working Curren: <200mA
Transparency: Operating:≤90%RH, Storage:≤90%RH Operating Systems: Windows,Linux,Android
Certificates: CE,FCC,RoHS Warranty: 1 Year
Surface hardness: 6H Transmittance: ≥85%

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