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All-in-one, beyond the office computer: Custom AIO PC factor
All-in-Ones, the Evolution of Office Computing: Extraordinary Versatility and Efficiency. Trust in our reliable Custom AIO PC factory to craft tailored, high-performance solutions for your computing needs. One Destination for innovative-based all-in-one computer touch screen in China.
All-in-one, beyond the office PC
The all-in-one technology has been created to create an extremely powerful complete solution with an incredible ability to adapt to the most diverse environments, from point of sale to the office, while maintaining an excellent price/performance ratio.


The PRO PK4M is a modern, powerful and adaptable device that can mount a DVD,
camera and card reader and also supports,The screen rotates 90° to the left or right, and the center axis rotates 30°Horizontal, the screen lifts 130mm, giving you a comfortable use angle.
PRO WK4 desktop AIO

21.5 inches & 23.8 inches optional screen (frameless screen) size, original aluminum alloy base, optional built-in DVD and card reader.

23.8 inches optional PCAP touch screen.
Modern WP1 Windows AIO
Modern WP1Windows AIO is a very versatile IT solution, designed to suit multiple uses, keeping computing power high, with an elegant and impactful design.
PRO WN8 stylish all-in-one PC
WN8 stylish is equipped with a very powerful hardware structure to cope with the most demanding environments. It is characterized by its large optional 21.5 & 23.8 inch display and advanced graphics performance.
PRO WN9 Graphics All-in-One PC
PRO WN9 Graphics is equipped with a very powerful hardware structure, which can be installed with an independent graphics card, excellent performance and 2K ultra-high-definition screen, and the delicate picture is the first choice for gamers and designers.
Modern WF3 Hairtail screen AIO
The screen adopts a 21:9 hairtail screen design with a resolution of 2560*1080, which can provide a larger viewing area. The design of narrow borders on three sides makes the proportion of the entire screen larger and the visual impact stronger.
PRO WN9 Graphics All-in-One PC
23.8 and 27 inches optional screen size, the top can expand the "press" camera, support dual microphones, support independent graphics card, high-definition display, borderless large-screen display, all-aluminum alloy base, more stable. Support independent GPU, compatible with windows and android operating system. Suitable for graphic artist designers, business, office, gaming, entertainment and more.
PRO WN8 stylish all-in-one PC
PRO WN8 is our main all-in-one PC to be launched in 2023, with optional screen sizes of 21.5 & 23.8. It has a stylish appearance, exquisite workmanship, and a frameless full HD screen. Small and exquisite, it adopts a "suspended" quick-release base, which does not shake, giving you a different experience in use. Easy to disassemble and assemble, "press-type" pop-up function camera to protect your privacy.
PRO WK4 desktop AIO
21.5-inch & 23.8-inch optional screens, the model is PRO WK4 desktop all-in-one machine, frameless screen, original X-shaped aluminum alloy base. We manufacture and supply various computer products for many years, and we insist on providing high quality products to all our customers. Our products cover all over the world. We hope to be one of your long-term partners.
Modern WP1 Windows AIO
Modern WP1 adopts a narrow bezel design. It is available in 3 sizes: 19 inches, 21.5 inches, 23.6 inches. This is one of our hot promotion products, most of our products cover Asia, North America and Europe markets. We insist on providing high quality products and good service to all customers.
Modern Hairtail screen AIO
The appearance of Modern WF3 adopts a very simple split design, and the front directly looks like a super shocking Hairtail screen with good visual effect.
              PRO WK4 Pivot AIO

                      The PRO WK4 Pivot AIO is a modern, powerful and adaptable
                      device with optional adjustable (tilt and swivel) screen sizes 21.5"
                      &23.8" and an optional 3MP HD resolution camera mounted
                      below the screen, Optional installation of built-in DVD, card reader.
                       23.8" optional PCAP touchscreen.
Touch all-in-one computer

We integrate a 1920*1080 high-definition screen, motherboard, CPU, memory, and hard disk into one shell. All-in-one PCs only need a single power cord to work. You can use a wireless keyboard and mouse for operation. In addition, we can also add a PCAP touch screen to it, which can be operated without additional accessories.

18.5/21.5/23.6/27 inches four kinds of screens are available.
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