Contactless technology for displays and POS systems

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Contactless technology for displays and POS systems


  1.    Contactless technology for displays and POS systems

Contactless display technology not only impresses with its simple and intuitive user interface, but also has hygiene advantages. WenTai Da showcased two of these pioneering technology solutions in its current product portfolio: capacitive-based gesture control, which has been selected as Product of the Year in the Industrial and IoT category, and camera-based gesture control, where appropriate software solves The scheme translates hand movements into cursor movements. The two methods differ in function and design and depend on the application and the required dimensions of the touch screen or system used accordingly.


Gesture control in the case of capacitive, using an in-house developed controller board based on GestIC e technology, combining 2D-PCAP functionality with 3D gesture control. This ensures seamless synchronization between 2D PCAP Touch Scan and 3D Gesture Scan, enabling contactless system input through simple hand movements (gestures) in addition to the usual touch input on the screen. The volume of commands in GUI software consists of gestures that are detected by capacitive sensors and translated into corresponding system commands. A well-known and widely used gesture is the so-called swipe gesture (flick/swipe), which can be used for vertical (up/down) and horizontal (left/right) movements. Depending on customer requirements and subsequent areas of application, other gestures such as AirWheel (rotation gesture) can be implemented. A feature of this intuitive capacitance-based gesture control is its relative ease of integration into existing systems. This is mostly used for diagonal sizes 7 to 15.

On the other hand, for large diagonals, the camera-based contactless solutions that WenTai Da recently added to the portfolio are better suited. With this technology, the user's hand movements are automatically detected by software in a specially developed plug-and-play camera solution and translated into corresponding on-screen cursor movements using a virtual model. Depending on the camera angle, an interactive UI display screen area of up to 29 inches vertically and 40 inches horizontally can be achieved at one time. The overall display diagonal can be adjusted individually according to customer requirements, so it can also be much larger than the actual UI interaction area. Camera-based contactless technology can also be easily integrated into existing systems.

Contactless display technologies, such as capacitive or camera-based gesture control and their innovative human-machine interfaces, are used in numerous application areas and are gaining popularity. Both reliably combine aspects that are very important in today's world: intuitive and hygienic operation. This combination is not only highly relevant in the medical field, but is also becoming increasingly important in the public sector and other industries. The advantages for information, registration or ordering and payment terminals or the food industry are obvious. They are also already in the automotive and gaming industries. For example, by helping to maintain focus on driving and interacting with the car, or facilitating immersive virtual reality gaming experiences.

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