Customized solutions for each application area

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Customized solutions for each application area

                                                                Customized solutions for each application area

In addition to our broad standard product portfolio, WenTai Da also offers options for realizing display, touch, embedded and system solutions according to individual customer requirements.


There is an increasing demand for customer-specific developments as they are used where it is not possible to integrate standard solutions, for example due to limited assembly space, strict hygiene requirements or special design specifications. WenTai Da's team of experts advises customers to select suitable components that best meet the requirements of their respective application fields. Due to their relative ease of cleaning, housing solutions made of plastic or metal are ideal for hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals. However, appearance also plays an increasingly important role in product development and implementation. Sophisticated product designs can be combined with high-performance displays to create modern applications.


With our many years of experience, expertise and latest technology, we are able to provide our customers with customized special solutions that perfectly meet their needs. Not only the customer's requirements regarding appearance and technology play a decisive role – other limiting factors, such as compliance with EMC standards or limited assembly heights, also need to be properly taken into account when assembling the correct components. 3D printed prototypes of housing parts or our own existing platforms allow us to quickly and cost-effectively develop suitable solutions for our customers, even with difficult requirements.

As an ideal technical partner, WenTai Da supports customers from the consulting phase to the specification phase, from the production of special solutions to after-sales service. WenTai Da can provide approval and verification for custom specific units upon request.

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