Empowering Electric Vehicle Ownership: A Masterclass in Home EV Charger Installation by PCAP Touch AIO

Views: 0     Author: WENTAIDA     Publish Time: 2024-03-29      Origin: https://www.pcaptouchaio.com/emobility-smart-charging.html

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Empowering Electric Vehicle Ownership: A Masterclass in Home EV Charger Installation by PCAP Touch AIO

From charging stations to wall boxes: displays are at the heart of modern charging infrastructure. Clear, well-organized presentation of information (e.g. charging display) and intuitive operation are crucial for an optimal user experience.

Market-specific challenges

Electric vehicle chargers installed at home are often used in harsh environments and must withstand a variety of extreme conditions. The functionality of the product must not be impaired by exposure to direct sunlight, temperature fluctuations or moisture. Basic requirements include an extended temperature range, resistance to vandalism, vibration, moisture and harmful environmental influences. Furthermore, seamless integration into existing system environments and reliable 24/7 operation are crucial requirements for both individual components and the entire system.

Step 1: Our solutions and products

When developing our products, we always pay attention to your individual needs. Our solutions are carefully designed for indoor and outdoor use and are thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards. As a reliable partner for high-quality products in the e-mobility sector, we offer customized solutions backed by comprehensive qualifications and approvals.

Step 2: Next level charging

There are no limits to creative product design. Whether rectangular, square, round or stretched designs, we offer a wide range of high-tech display formats developed specifically for industrial use. The latest embedded technologies developed by our team of experts and engineers along with CPU versions from leading manufacturersguarantee fast performance and maximum connectivity.

Step 3: Expansion possibilities

Why not combine the benefits of a versatile digital signage system with a modern charging station? Take advantage of installing an electric car charger in your home and turn yours into an interactive billboard. We have extensive expertise in innovative digital signage systems and will expertly guide you through every project stage until market readiness.

Step 4: Electric and more

Our products are also ideal for applications such as parking meters or petrol pumps. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions here: for example wall boxes, we can offer advanced display and system technology from our complete product portfolio. From small displays with high brightness to large diagonal displays, available with or without touch functionality: we will find the best solution for your project and customize it to the corresponding environmental conditions.

Your advantages at a glance

1. Sunlight readable display

2. Anti-glare glass

3. Perfect color reproduction

4. High contrast and brightness

5. Wide viewing angle

Quality products and reliable service

1. Rugged components

2. Anti-vandalism

3. Protection class up to IP65 and IK tested

4. Extended temperature range

5. Tempered glass cover

6. 24/7 operation

7. Long-term availability and obsolescence management

8. Remote diagnostics and maintenance

Many additional features

1. Touch functionality (multi-touch), rotary display and optical encoder

2. RFID/NFC/Bluetooth/WLAN

3. Proximity sensor

4. Ambient light control

Step 5: Scanner

Install an electric car charger in your home and turn it into an interactive signage system!

Learn about the benefits of installing an electric car charger in your home combined with a digital signage solution! Outstanding performance, elegant design and high-quality components open up new advertising/information opportunities in the field of urban e-mobility.

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