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  • For us, high-tech is not just a buzzword, but the basis of our success. In addition to our own products, which are constantly being further developed, we offer a particularly extensive product portfolio for industrial and professional applications of all kinds. Thus, our products can be found in a variety of modern, unique and all-present applications.
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Touch technologies
System solutions
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Trust the quality of our products. Regardless of touch monitors, our in-house developed PCAP touch series or product assortments of the All-in-One PC brand: our proprietary products meet the highest quality standards and are characterized by long-term availability and short delivery times.
All-in-one, beyond the office PC
All-in-one PC
All-in-one PCs, the evolution of office computing: extraordinary versatility and efficiency.All-In-One technology has been created to create an extremely robust complete solution with an incredible ability to adapt to the most diverse environments, from point of sale to the office, while maintaining an excellent price/performance ratio.
Ultra-Compact High-Performance PC
Box PC

Developed by WEN TAI DA, this product line combines minimum size with maximum performance. Ideal for use with management applications, Internet workstations and home PCs.
Our System Solutions
Monitors & Panel PCs by WEN TAI DA
Our extensive expertise in design and electrical engineering, combined with our modular concept and our in-house developed products, enables us to respond to customer requirements in an ideal way, ensuring long-term availability and significantly reducing time-to-market. This makes us the perfect partner - even for complex and demanding product designs.
All-in-one medical PCs
medical PCs

All-in-one medical PCs are the latest generation of devices capable of modernizing and simplifying work in any hospital and healthcare environment for the benefit of both operators and patients. Medical computers are designed for the specific needs of healthcare and can be customized to precisely fit unique applications.
Our Touch Solutions

Our in-house developments of the easyTOUCH series enable us to offer individual solutions and short delivery times for customer-specific requirements. This makes us unique in the market and allows us to always offer suitable and efficient solutions for touch screen products.
Product catalogue
Explore our broad portfolio of system solutions, touch and embedded products, as well as box and tablet PCs. Our product catalog helps you find the right product and provides you with all relevant information.
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About us
We have been offering customized everything from a single source for almost 10 years: competent advice, new and in-house developments as well as solutions. This makes us one of the leading providers of display and system solutions on the international market. We stand for quality, innovation, reliability and the best advice for our products and for our customers. We shape the future of visual solutions.
 We are the display experts!
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