Touch all-in-one machine is widely used in the medical industry

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Touch all-in-one machine is widely used in the medical industry

                                               WenTaiDa Touch all-in-one machine is widely used in the medical industry

According to the development of modern medical care, advanced medical equipment can ensure the integrity, accuracy and safety of diagnostic information, and improve the medical level of medical institutions around the world. WenTai Da touch all in a computer is equipped with various medical equipment for real-time monitoring. Medical staff can check information, inspections, inspection results and other information at any time to grasp the real-time situation. As a kind of intelligent terminal equipment, WenTai Da touch all-in-one machine plays an important role in all walks of life. WenTai Da touch all in one computer plays an important role in the medical field.


WenTai Da industrial-grade touch all-in-one computer is stable, safe and responsive. In the construction of the medical system, WenTai Da touch all in one PC has created a benign ecosystem with efficient interaction of doctor-patient information, giving full play to the service functions of the hospital and improving the operating efficiency of the hospital. Endow smart terminals with functions and become an important access point for smart medical systems.


WenTai Da industrial touch all-in-one machine is carefully designed, with multi-layer structure, and adopts industrial control high-definition LCD screen. WenTai Da industrial touch all-in-one machine is equipped with high-definition display and PCAP touch screen, which is very convenient to use. WenTai Da industrial touch all-in-one machine has a waterproof rating of IP65. When touching the all-in-one machine installed in the control cabinet, it can completely prevent water droplets and water vapor from splashing into the site and avoid affecting the operation of the equipment. In addition, WenTai Da industrial touch all-in-one PC also has excellent heat dissipation performance.


Industrial touch all-in-one computer is used in the medical industry. In the smart medical touch PC,Industrial touch all-in-one computer is endowed with a large number of information interaction and humanized services, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

For doctors, the use of smart medical touch all in one PC can reduce paperwork time, provide medical imaging data information correctly and quickly, realize the mobilization of electronic medical records and optimize information access through fast scanning barcode recognition technology.

Medical staff can view patient's medical records and treatment conditions in real time through the RFID reading function of the smart medical touch all in one PC. According to the matching of the patient's RFID tag and the drug label, the drug is distributed and used, and the drug distribution and use information is recorded with the industrial control touch all in one computer. Help doctors to scan, check, and record timely and accurately all in one PC, eliminating unnecessary operations and improving the efficiency and experience of ward rounds.

For patients, smart medical all in one PC can be used to view real-time medical records, pay for drug purchases, view consumption records, order meals, and view health knowledge, etc., which provides a lot of convenience for patients and their families, and also improves the transparency of hospital information and reduces the number of doctors and patients. dispute. On the basis of connection and service, smart medical tablet integrates patient services, medical assistance, hospital services, medical general headlines, health education and other inpatient services. Smart medical all in one PC is an important part of the construction of a new humanized smart hospital.


WenTai Da Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a global high-quality supplier of new computers. WenTai Da Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. WenTai Da serves all customers with comprehensive engineering and technical service capabilities, and is the world's leading provider of business intelligence all-in-one products and services.

WenTai Da focuses on realizing various touches on one PC, especially in the medical industry. WenTai Da touch all in one computer is successfully used in the medical industry. Such as medical carts, medical diagnostic computers, medical chemical analysis computers, medical training computers, medical equipment smart displays, etc.

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