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WEN TAI DA is a Chinese company established in 2008 with multidisciplinary experience and skills in the field of IT hardware, able to provide innovative, high-quality and reliable solutions under its own brand. Thanks to our direct customer orientation, our company has become a reference point in the market for the development of hardware technology, which has allowed us to fully understand the needs of the various markets, reinvent ourselves and adapt to the needs of innovative industries. Over the years, we have developed many solutions that can be adapted to multiple operational applications in different categories, and we have always pursued the goal of sustainable development and internationalization.
Our core competitiveness
R&D advantage
​​​​​​​WEN TAI DA has R&D centers in Beijing, Wuhan and Shenzhen, and has a high-quality R&D team. WEN TAI DA insists on independent research and development and independent creation. R & D personnel account for more than 20% of the company's total headcount, with an average of more than 9 years of industry experience, and an annual output of more than 400 projects.
​​​​​​​supply chain
​​​​​​​WEN TAI DA has a strict supply chain screening process, and a high-quality supply chain system can play a huge role. We have stable and reliable cooperation with chip manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Rickchip, ILITEK, etc., which can ensure timely delivery for customers.
​​​​​​​WEN TAI DA has more than 60 patented technologies and more than ten technological innovation awards, and has made important contributions to the development of the display field. Infuse the craftsman's continuous research spirit into the transition from industry fragmentation to standardization, boldly innovate in emerging industries, deeply understand application requirements, combine new technologies to achieve disruptive innovations in new product forms, industry standards, and new applications, and promote deep integration of industries.
​​​​​​​Metal Enclosure Specialist
Covering an area of 1000 square meters, in-house metal shell fabrication and advanced metal bending, CNC stamping, laser cutting and welding machines provide faster manufacturing and efficient lead times.

10 years of electromechanical engineering expertise helps us complete complex designs with ease.
Custom Project Specialist
​​​​​​​WENTAIDA is known for its flexibility in producing custom projects and being in close touch with you to manage your project from start to finish!

By controlling the entire supply chain, any customization can be done at a reasonable price.
Reliable quality and reasonable price
​​​​​​​WENTAIDA production plant is in China, able to manufacture and source the highest quality materials at reasonable prices.

This includes battery design, assembly, backlight design, cover glass production, touch sensor lamination, motherboard design and optical bonding.
Our competences
From development to logistics
Thanks to our modern technology and production methods, we are able to implement individual solutions for our international customers at the highest level. Collaboration in development, design, production and logistics not only enables us to achieve short time-to-market and a unique product portfolio, but also forms the basis for our successful implementation of demanding applications that meet high quality standards.
our management
Our management

We are passionate about the idea of being one of the world's leading partners for future-proof professional display and interactive systems. Innovative products and production technologies, as well as our open management culture and motivated management and employees are the basis of our success. We stand for an open corporate culture, responsible corporate governance and long-term relationships of trust with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.
                     about Us
We have been offering everything from a single source for almost 10 years: competent advice, new and in-house developments as well as customised solutions. This makes us one of the leading providers of display and system solutions on the international market. We stand for quality, innovation, reliability and the best advice for our products and for our customers.
We shape the future of visual solutions.
We are the display experts!
WEN TAI DA Corporate Culture
We pursue zero defect. The quality spirit of excellence, the meticulous work spirit, and the creative spirit of continuous transcendence.
Work happily, live happily, realize value. live better. Know how to cherish, be grateful, be diligent, and introspect. Become a respected enterprise.
Treat the society, customers, colleagues, partners, and family members sincerely. Treat others with kindness and sincerity.
WEN TAI DA - We are experts in display field (English version)
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Room 204, Building A, Zhonghengsheng High-tech Park, No. 3, Xinyu Road, Xinqiao Street, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen
About us
We have been offering customized everything from a single source for almost 10 years: competent advice, new and in-house developments as well as solutions. This makes us one of the leading providers of display and system solutions on the international market. We stand for quality, innovation, reliability and the best advice for our products and for our customers. We shape the future of visual solutions.
 We are the display experts!
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