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Custom displays
Demand for displays in unusual shapes and formats or for applications with particularly challenging specifications is higher than ever.

For over 10 years, we have been developing bespoke display solutions that perfectly fit our customers' needs. We offer a wide range of customization options - from selecting the right display technology to numerous value-added services: we are the ideal partner for custom display solutions.
Our semi-custom/full-custom solutions
Whether semi-custom or full-custom solutions: We will find the display solution perfectly tailored to the
customer's needs and the required area of application. There are almost no limits to the individualisation options.
Thanks to our extensive technology range, our many years of expertise and a wide range of additional services,
we can not only provide ideal consultation, but also implement display solutions for all customer requirements
efficiently and professionally.
Customer-specific systems
For individual system solutions, we offer our customers advice,
development and support as well as the latest production
technologies. With our modular product concept, all technology areas
of our company are combined into one system. Thanks to modern
display technologies, latest embedded boards and controllers, as well
as innovative touch manufacturing processes and a wide range of
housing variants, we can offer our customers real added value with
our customising solutions.
Integrated technology
Our Design and Manufacturing Hardware Technology Portfolio
The versatility of our production allows us to offer a wide range of standard and custom solutions. Valuable technology makes your work safe, efficient and agile.

The design department and the production department form the heart of WEN TAI DA, where the ideas of our interlocutors are formed, filtered by our engineers and then transformed into concrete high-quality solutions. It is a high-quality department composed of different professional fields, including professionals in materials research and analysis, mechanical design, software development and hardware design. In addition to the skills and vast experience accumulated over the years, the excellence of this department lies in the synergy between all parties involved in the complex and fascinating process of realizing ideas
Individual displays for modern product designs
Attractive product design has become an important factor for modern integrated display devices. With this comes increasing demands and demands for special formats and individually designed displays. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of special shape displays. In addition to the classic rectangular format, we also have round and square or stretched displays (bar), and if required, we can also successfully realize completely customized display devices based on our many years of experience.
Possible applications
The application possibilities for modern display solutions are as diverse as the variety of our products. The
respective area of application makes the most varied requirements on the features and functions that a display
has to fulfil. Thanks to our numerous customisation options, there are almost no limits to potential areas of
application. In addition to displays suitable for the use in particularly harsh indoor or outdoor environments, we
can also realise solutions for special applications, such as in the medical sector, thanks to our ISO certification.
Medical & Health Care
Home Automation
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Our competences

Our experience, industry expertise and
 market knowledge in all areas of display
technology make us the perfect partner for
professional display solutions.
Customized products

Thanks to our extensive technology range, our many years of expertise and a wide range of additional services, we can not only provide ideal consultation, but also implement display solutions for all customer requirements efficiently and professionally.
Industry and Market

From industrial HMI to medical and digital signage applications. We provide custom display solutions for a wide range of applications.
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About us
We have been offering customized everything from a single source for almost 10 years: competent advice, new and in-house developments as well as solutions. This makes us one of the leading providers of display and system solutions on the international market. We stand for quality, innovation, reliability and the best advice for our products and for our customers. We shape the future of visual solutions.
 We are the display experts!
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