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Industrial Mini PC
Multi-LAN Fanless Box PC: Versatile and Expandable
Our G790 Multi-LAN fanless box PC is designed to simplify industrial automation processes such as factory control, production cycle management, process control and automation in food or pharmaceutical industries. These devices are perfect for computer vision architectures, as they guarantee maximum reliability in addition to offering extensive expansion options.
Performance and Modularity
G900 Multi-LAN Fanless Box PC is equipped with Intel® Chipset and supports latest generation CPU, which ensures extremely high performance and low power consumption.

Modularity is one of the key factors in responding to different configuration needs and monitoring different variables. The hardware platform of the G900 Box PC remains the same, but various optional modules can be added
absolutely reliable
The reliability required in today's industrial production environment requires increasingly advanced systems capable of performing their work in continuous cycles, such as sampling more and more processes or images.

In addition to reliability, the high-performance guarantee of each device in terms of hardware system is also very important, so all G900 box PCs, including individual components, must pass strict testing and area aging before delivery to customers.
high scalability
The G900 Fanless Multi-LAN Box PC is designed to effectively respond to the growing demands of industrial equipment capable of sampling an ever-increasing number of images and controlling all I/O signals in real time.

In fact, the device can accommodate up to eight LAN ports: by installing a PCI Express card, up to four LANs can be added in addition to the existing four. Alternatively, a Profinet/Profibus type interface can be installed).
suitable for industrial environments
Depending on the special needs of the automation or production line, and thanks to the various available mounting kits, the PC Box G900 can be easily placed in all industrial environments: it is practically designed for desktop, DIN bar or wall mounting).

The fanless cooling system and thus the absence of fans also guarantees the use of the G900 Box PC in a variety of industrial environments, including critical environments where dust or various process residues may be present.
    Chipset Manufactur Intel CPU BTL J1800 J1900
    Storage 1*MSATA3.0;1*SATA RAM 1*DDR3 memory
    Chipset Intel chipset Sound Realtek ALC962 audio chipset
    1*300Mbps WIFI header
    Onboard LAN Realtek RTL8111 1000M autoadaptation network (two)
    Internal I/O 6*USB 2.0,2*USB3.0,2*LAN header,1*VGA header,1*HDMI header,1*AUDIO,1*MIC,6*COM header(2*RS485) Button PC switching power with power light
    Power 12V-5A Gross Weight About 1.5KG
    Size 200*189*59mm Material Full Aluminum and the cover for heat dissipation
    Operating System Win7/8/10;Linux Color Sliver/Black(or as require)
    Items contained Packing list(Mainboard+CPU+4G RAM+120 SSD+WIFI+power adapter+package) Operating temperature -20°C ~ 65°C
    Storage temperature -40°C ~ 80°C environment humidity 20% - 95% (relative humidity non-condensing)

    What Operating System is Mini PC I buy here? Free operating system: Install our free trial activated OEM windows 10 pro English by default, other languages can be selected: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, etc. Please let us know which language you want to install. If you want, we can install other systems like Linux, Ubuntu, etc. for free. Seller is not responsible for, and will not provide any compensation for, trial OEM systems. What brand of Ram, SSD and HDD I buy here? Accessories as Ram, SSD, HDD, we use famous brand: samsung, micron, SanDisk, toshiba, hynix, crucial, liteon, kingfast, phison etc, what brand we use depends on our test and our stock.
    Can I get some samples? We are honored to offer you samples for quality check, MOQ is 1 set, welcome to order via the link directly.We also provide free OEM service for your sample order, just feel free to contact our Sales here. How does your factory do related quality control? We attach great importance to quality control from the very begining of manufacturing and 3 Years Wareanty.
Quality industrial automation
software integration
Like other WEN TAI DA industrial solutions, the G900 Fanless Multi LAN PC Box is also designed to guarantee maximum integration with the industrial software used in the production line.

It is a device capable of supporting production process control solutions and can integrate many additional functions that are useful in an industrial environment.
European certification
The G790 PC box has European production certification. On this basis, our company has added further tests to test the product's temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and vibration resistance.

These tests represent a quality assurance for the customer, who can also verify the specifications of the ordered equipment through a traceability system dedicated to the product.
advanced technical support
Our Guaranteed Premium Support responds to every request. This way, better results can be achieved by combining our skills with those of our clients.

Performing a precise feasibility study allows for an extremely accurate selection of the most advanced, efficient and reliable technologies on the market.
custom design
In order to create tailor-made solutions, tailored to each client's specific needs, our design and production departments devote all their energy to creating bespoke products upon request.

In fact, some specific customizations can only be made after careful evaluation in order to fully and accurately explain the desired functionality.
Supply according to customer requirements
By developing together with the customer during the design phase a list of supply requirements related to the specific needs of the production line, synergies can be established that are beneficial to both parties.

We believe that this close collaboration is an essential requirement to create solutions that meet the level of quality we guarantee to all of our clients.
Prototyping, sampling and pre-series production allow for an extremely precise assessment of the actual functionality of the devices produced.

This is a validation that demonstrates the quality of the equipment and in the same way significantly increases the level of service quality that we want to offer our customers.
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