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  •    Interface between human and machine
    HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) have an important role as interfaces and are intended to keep the complexity of interaction as low as possible - while taking full advantage of the machine's functionality.In the past, it was mainly mechanical elements that triggered, controlled or monitored the respective machine functions.Today, digital tools such as displays or touch panels with additional operating elements are in use.

    With our years of experience in the field of industrial display solutions, we not only offer reliable, modern and intuitive HMI systems, we are also dedicated to tomorrow's technologies already today.
The human being in focus
Modern industrial applications enable increasingly complex operating methods. Today, several work steps can easily be executed synchronously, evaluated and controlled centrally. The human operator must not only keep control of all processes or potential sources of error, but must also be able to interact quickly and focused. Especially in this context, reliable and error-free functioning of all components involved is more important than ever.
We have made it our mission to sustainably improve communication between man and machine. In accordance with customer requirements, we develop and produce efficient, innovative solutions that are designed for 24/7 use in industrial applications and are also intuitive and easy to operate.
             Flexible & Versatile
To enable interaction, a variety of methods are available. Displays form the visual interface and can be expanded into versatile operating units by adding appropriate functions.
For maximum comfort in operating industrial applications, our customers have numerous options to choose from: From the classic touch function to gesture or voice control to suitable software applications, we supply everything from a single source!
We can also easily implement multi-touch or glove operation as well as operation under the influence of conductive liquids.
Especially for touch applications, we offer a wide range of solutions and can rely on many years of experience and expertise in the field of bonding technologies. PCAP touch and new, innovative touch extensions are part of our core competencies. We not only offer PCAP technologies, but also up-to-date resistive touch screen products that are compatible with all industrial display applications. Our own developed PCAP touch solution easyTOUCH also offers a cost- and time-efficient solution at the highest level for multiple applications.
                Smart Features
Digitalisation is also advancing rapidly and constantly in the industrial sector. Smart factories, cloud connectivity, robotics and artificial intelligence are meanwhile fixed terms in the industrial business environment.
We offer a comprehensive portfolio to expand existing or new systems with additional functions. The latest technologies in the area of sensor technology - based on artificial intelligence - can be used to activate various predefined events, such as face recognition or device adaptation to environmental conditions. But also in terms of connectivity, interfaces such as Bluetooth, WIFI or cloud connections - "IOT ready" - can be realised. We offer our customers hardware and software support from conceptual design to verification up to implementation.
Easy integration
Our display solutions can be easily integrated into new and existing systems. Thanks to our modular product concept, we can integrate all the components of modern HMI systems flexibly and perfectly aligned with each other.
We support our customers from product development through component selection and validation, qualification and certification up to serial production and implementation.
Our very extensive portfolio of standard products in the field of display, touch and embedded enables us to find suitable solutions for any environmental conditions fast and efficiently. If the requirements cannot be met with conventional components, customised special solutions - whether display, controller or housing - can be implemented flexibly and sustainably, always considering the required target application.
Our extensive expertise in the field of design and electrical engineering, combined with our purchase of components from the world's leading manufacturers as well as our own development of products, allows us to provide the best solution for our customers' needs, ensuring long-term availability and significantly reducing lead times -market. For individual system solutions, our customers benefit from consulting, development and support as well as the latest manufacturing technology. With our services, ISO-certified processes and expertise, we not only ensure an efficient and smooth product launch throughout the entire life cycle, we also ensure the successful implementation of projects. This makes us the ideal partner - even for complex and demanding product designs.
Requirements from the industry
Precise operation thanks to individually configurable software settings
To ensure full and precise usability of a touchmonitor at all times, we have further developed our Projective Capacitive Touch (PCAP) technology. By continuously optimising our PCAP controller settings, we have been able to improve the response behaviour to a level where the touch performance is equivalent to normal finger operation, even when operated with gloves.
Operation under the influence of liquids
Conductive liquids such as (salt) water, disinfectants or blood can negatively affect the usability and functionality of a touch display and cause ghost touches. Thanks to our modern adjustment tools and touch controllers of the latest generation, which can differentiate precisely between liquids and users by using various measuring methods (self- and mutual scan), we ensure that our touch solutions can be operated perfectly at all times.
Disturbance immunity
Industrial touch applications are subject to the important qualification test according to DIN EN61000-4-6 (immunity to conducted disturbances). Our touch products convince with interference levels of max. 10V/m in accordance with evaluation criteria A (no impairment of the function during and after the test) and thus achieve the classification "suitable for industrial use".
Versatile add-ons
On request, we can integrate various features such as RFID readers, barcode scanners, cameras and a wide range of sensor technologies into systems. We not only assist our customers in the selection and integration of suitable hardware, but also offer a wide range of software solutions for efficient operation and smooth integration.
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