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compact personal computer
High-Performance Fanless Mini PCs
Make IT simple! Unleash power without compromise with our High-Performance Fanless Mini PCs, delivering silent, efficient computing for diverse applications backed by innovative technologies like Industrial Pc's and Mac Mini M2 16 GB.
compact personal computer
This product line was developed by WEN TAI DA to create a compact personal computer solution that can be used both vertically and horizontally, ideal for use through management applications, Internet workstations and home PCs.
Explorer BT160 Series    
115mm x 111mm x 48.7mm 
It's the most compact version of the mini PC, designed to make the most of small spaces while maintaining reliable performance.

A VESA 100 monitor mounting plate is included.
Explorer B800 series
Explorer D800 series
135mm x 134mm x 50mm 
It is a middle size version. It is a versatile product that delivers excellent performance in common environments.

It can be placed vertically and horizontally.
Explorer A800 Series
197mm x 197mm x 40mm
It's a PC designed to deliver ultra-high performance while maintaining a mini PC look.

Thanks to its computing power, it allows you to use any application efficiently in the same way as a normal PC.
Industrial G790 Series
236mm x 200mm x 53mm
Highly reliable, fanless, noiseless, energy-efficient, industrial mini PC, designed for a variety of demanding applications. The extruded aluminum chassis is designed without a cooling fan, which acts as a heat sink to dissipate internal heat and provide quiet, noise-free operation. Compact size and high functionality are breakthroughs in the field of microcomputing.
Industrial E790 Series
202mm x 127mm x 55mm
The industrial E790 series mini PC line is designed for unique office, home and training applications. Its compact size, durability, high reliability, general-purpose performance, and low power requirements contribute to a better computing experience for users.
Industrial H790 Series
210mm x 195mm x 65mm
The industrial H790 series fanless mini PCs are all highly integrated, the fanless design makes them run quietly and do not require additional maintenance like ordinary fat PCs. And most of them use aluminum alloy computer case, which is very durable.
Explorer Series Mini PC
The Explorer Series is an all-purpose computer for embedded applications, office work, that will meet your current and future needs.
The Explorer series is available in different configurations.
The new Explorer Series Chip PC is a mini PC powered by 10th Gen Intel processors. Takes one of 3 CPUs: Intel i3 or Intel i5 or Intel i7. The Explorer series is compact, has many peripherals, and is also a silent computer.
The Explorer Series is small enough to be used in the office, at home, or wherever a small footprint is required. The device supports dual displays via HDMI and Display Port and features an M.2 SSD.
Explorer series can be equipped with an additional 2.5 SSD. Dual monitors are included with the Cube X Pro mini PC.
The base configuration of the Explorer series is 256GB 8GB memory, which can be upgraded to 2.5 SSD memory and 32GB. The Explorer Series has a 3-year warranty.
Explorer Series has 4 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 and Type-C.
The Explorer series comes with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed.
The Explorer series is a plug-and-play mini PC for a wide range of applications.
Industrial Embedded Fanless Box Computer
WEN TAI DA industrial mini computer is based on X86 platform, which is specially built for industrial use or other harsh environments. They have passed rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting, reliable 24/7 operation. Compared to consumer PCs, fanless PCs offer higher reliability and stability in heavy industry, transportation systems, oil and gas fields, and marine applications.
WEN TAI DA industrial embedded computer is a computer specially designed for industrial use, with high reliability, high scalability, and better adaptability to harsh operating environments. Deliver exceptional performance and boost performance for a wide variety of workloads, including industrial process control, image processing and analytics, data collection, and compute acceleration.
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