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Our modular product concept

In our modular product concept, we combine all technical areas of the company into one system.
Thanks to modern all-in-one technology, the latest circuit boards and controllers, as well as innovative touch extensions, efficient manufacturing processes and a wide range of housing variants, we can offer our customers solutions tailored to their requirements, and all All from a single source.
In addition to our wide range of monitor sizes from less than 5" to
65") and shapes (rectangular, round, curved, bar, extruded) as
and display technologies such as TFT, MIP, ePaper, OLED or FALD,
We can create the perfect custom display solution
Designed to meet customer requirements and specific applications
area. Whether it's high-brightness display, UHD/4K resolution or
Extended Temperature Range: Our Experts Find the Ideal Monitor
Solutions for each requirement profile.
Touch screens & cover glasses
Our many years of experience in the field of industrial touch screens
and cover glasses make us the ideal partner for professional touch
solutions. Our portfolio includes a wide range of touch components
equipped with different sensor technologies, tails and controller
boards. In addition, our in-house developments of the CXTOUCH
series enable us to offer individual solutions and short delivery times
for customer-specific requirements. We can also offer a wide range of
customisation options in the area of cover glasses and glass-based
touch surfaces. Our range of services includes, for example, different
materials and material thicknesses, individual printing as well as
various surface and mechanical treatments.
Mechanics & Housing
We can also customise housing and mechanical solutions for our
customers. Based on the customer's specifications and considering
optical and technical requirements as well as other limiting factors
such as EMC standards or limited overall heights, we find and develop
suitable housing concepts. Thereby we can make use of different
materials such as metal or plastic, but also of individual surface
treatments / textures. But we also advise and implement customised
solutions with special IP and IK ratings, special hygiene or cooling
concepts, as well as fastening and packaging concepts at the highest

System expansions and additional features
On request, we can equip your personalised display solutions with
additional components/features such as a camera, RFID, proximity
sensor, ambient light sensor or barcode scanner.
The latest technologies in hardware, sensor technology and artificial
intelligence allow, for example, facial recognition, people counting,
interaction or adjustments to the respective environmental
conditions. This may have a positive effect on the durability of the
system components and significantly increase the systems' security.
We assist our customers with hardware and software design,
verification and implementation - all from a single source.
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