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The touch screen developed and produced by WEN TAI DA adopts the proven five-wire resistance technology, which is the best choice for high reliability, input flexibility and anti-pollution. The touch screen can perfectly run various operating systems with the EETI controller , There are finished products and customized products for selection.
5-Wire Resistive Screen, Zero-Bezel
WEN TAI DA five-wire resistive touch screen adopts the proven five-wire resistive technology, which is the best choice for high reliability, input flexibility and super anti-interference. It realizes touch by pressing and sensing, and is suitable for various strong magnetic fields, Complex operation links such as strong electric field and strong light. The five-wire resistive touch screen can perfectly run various operating systems with EETI control card or square display control card, and can provide products of various sizes and customized product options.
low cost
Finger, gloved hand and stylus activation
High precision and sensitivity
High Durability and Reliability
Contamination and liquid resistant
           quality assurance
WEN TAIDA's resistive touch is different from other manufacturers who use rear glass X and Y axes to measure simultaneously instead of single-axis measurement of plastic sealing plates. As a result, WEN TAIDA's resistive touch has a longer service life.
Resistive touch screen principle
Resistive touch screens consist of a glass substrate with a conductive coating and an overlay with a conductive coating. The two layers are separated by tiny dots of insulation. When a resistive touchscreen is touched, the overlay flexes to make electrical contact with the coating on the glass. The controller alternately separates the x and y axes on the glass layer with a 5v current, and reads the resulting voltage from the cover, simulating the position of the touch from the change after the touch.
        high industry standard
WEN TAI DA resistive touch can be highly sealed to NEMA 4/4x/12 and IP65 standards. Each touch screen has passed pencil hardness 3H per ASTM D3363. It has been certified by UL, cUL, TÜV, CE and FCC Class A by many international agencies.
  •                           screen size                   OD(mm)                            VA(mm)                                               AA(mm)
                                   9.7”               210.00*164.00                         200.91*152.26                                             196.61*147.46
                                   10.1”               234.40*142.30                         228.60*131.80                                             225.60*128.30
                                   10.4”               234.00*178.00                         216.00*163.40                                             212.00*159.40
                                   12.1”               266.00*203.20                         253.50*191.50                                             248.00*186.00
                                   13.3”               310.40*181.60                         297.40*168.60                                             294.40*165.60
                                   14.1”               298.00*227.00                         289.00*218.00                                            285.00*214.00
                                   15”               322.00*247.00                         310.50*236.00                                            302.00*226.00
                                   15.4”               344.00*222.00                         335.00*210.70                                            331.20*207.00
                                   15.6”               363.80*215.90                         347.30*196.60                                            344.30*193.60
                                   17”               355.00*288.00                         341.50*275.00                                            337.00*269.00
                                   17.3”               397.50*232.00                         385.50*218.00                                            383.50*216.00
                                   18.5”               424.00*243.00                         410.00*231.00                                            406.00*227.00
                                   19”                396.00*323.00                         377.00*304.00                                            375.00*300.00
                                   21.5”                490.00*285.00                         480.00*270.00                                            476.00*266.00
                                   22”                488.00*310.00                         475.20*297.00                                            472.20*294.00
  •   Detection method       Resistive     Input method         4:3/16:9
          Input method Finger or touch pen  Touch action force         20~80g
       Position accuracy     2.5~5mm Operating Voltage         DC ≤ 10v
       Operating current     5~25mA Operating temperature      -10°C~60°C
    Storage temperature    -20℃~70℃ Humidity 10%~90% RH at 60°C, non-condensing
    Relative humidity 10%~90% RH at 40°C, non-condensing Response time <10ms
    Transparency ≥80% Surface hardness 3H
    Material Glass + film Thickness ITO Glass:1.1~1.8mm
    ITO Film:0.188mm
    Light transmission 92%~100% Durability Scratch-free; More than 50,000,000 touches in one

    location without failure
    Drivers available Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows NT,Linux,Mac Surface Disposal Glare hard coating; Anti-Newton ring
    Working environment Under sunlight,indoor and outdoor Pen hitting life ≥10,000,000/point
    Pen sliding Durability ≥500,000times Finger Touch life ≥35,000,000 times
    Surface resistance 200Ω~900Ω Isolation resistance ≥20MΩ @ DC 25V
    Linearity ≤1.5% X.Y resistance 100Ω~1000Ω according to the size
    Warranty 1 year Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS

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